Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hadley's 1st Birthday!

"Once in a lifetime you get to turn one - one cake and one candle, one whole day of fun!" This is what one of Hadley's birthday cards said and isn't it true?  Here are some pictures from her special birthday and some fun craft projects that you can do too!
This banner and shirt were handmade for her special day.  More details later in the post.

I found these Martha Stewart treat bags at TJ Maxx.  I put pink and gold candies inside and printed "Hadley's ONE, thanks for joining in the fun!"
For these swirly cupcakes, I made two batches of icing.  I dropped some red dye in one batch to create the pink and left the other white.  I stuffed one side of the baggy with the pink and the other with the white and then swirled it around for this fun ombre effect.  Then, I sprinkled with frosting glitter found at Michael's. 
Hadley with her Aunt Emily.
Hadley and Camden posing for a picture, sort of.
Hadley loved receiving her baby dolls.  She gives them big kisses and hugs.
She had lots of prince's and even a dog, Woody,  helping her open her gifts.

Hadley loved being sang to.
And she really loved getting to dive into her very own cupcake!  She took her time and ate every morsel. 
She took breaks to clap for herself.
After she made a mess of her birthday shirt, she changed into this cute outfit from my Aunt Beans.  
She danced...
...played with her dollies...
...kissed her Grandpa Kaboom & Grammy...
...stopped for a picture opp with her Mom & Dad...
...and some of her girlfriends...
...and finally, received kisses from her cousin, Prince Landon. 
All the while, the boys were hiding upstairs playing video games.
The next morning she woke up and told her new peek-a-boo dolly all about her fun birthday party.
This is another shirt I made for Hadley.  I had made the flower headband because I love this bright magenta color.  Then, I found this skirt at Target for $10 so I just needed a cute shirt.  Using Photoshop elements, I put Hadley's name in a fun font, put a crown on top and then matched the color to the skirt.
I then flipped the whole image horizontally (so that it wouldn't read backwards) and printed it with an ink jet printer onto Avery Light Fabric Transfer paper (found at any office supply store).  I then cut around all of the letters and centered it on her onesie as shown above. 
The next step was to iron it on.  I let the material completely cool, then peeled it off and...
Voila! You've got yourself a custom made outfit that looks like it's straight from a fancy boutique.

This is a picture of her birthday shirt up close.
While I was at it, I whipped up some gifts too.  I found these cute pj's at Walmart for super cheap, I think they were $4.
I made a matching set for Camden, Hadley and their cousin Landon.   
I also made some gifts for some special new babies...Graham, Ella & Stella. 
I made this banner with cute card stock, a mega whole punch, crepe paper and pre-cut letters.

I used the Marvy Uchida mega scallop punch, found at Archivers,  for the base.   I folded the crepe paper in half and then on the backside of the paper, put a little bit of adhesive around the edges and put the crepe paper all around it, making pleats as I went.
I flipped it around and adhered pre-cut letters (or make them yourself using a Cricut machine).  Then put two holes at the top to string the ribbon through it to make the banner.  

I used a template for these princess/prince crowns that I found off of the Dear Lizzy blog.  She has her own line of craft products and a very inspiring blog. 

I cut out the templates, using cute scrapbook paper found at Hobby Lobby.  I used the same scallop punch for the center and then cut out '1's' for all of the guest hats.  I put a little strip of elastic on the back and adhered it with a stapler. This is the base look, then I added embellishments like German glass glitter, crepe paper, rhinestone stickers and dresden to get the completed look as pictured below.

If you have any craft ideas for parties, I'd love to hear about them!  Thanks for stopping by.  
xoxo, Natalie  

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Antique Ornaments!

I absolutely love antique ornaments!  I started collecting them years ago.  Some are just glass balls so old that the colors are wearing down to the point that they become transparent.  Others have interesting shapes or contain little doo-dads inside.  Some are from West Germany, some Japan, but all have most certainly lived through many Christmases.  As promised, I'm going to share some of my collection.  

It's special when the ornaments are in their original box and a box of Shiny Brite's is considered a good find.  
I may not watch the history channel like my husband, but I get my lessons elsewhere...just some interesting facts, via Wikipedia:  
The Shiny-Brite company produced the most popular Christmas tree ornaments in the United States throughout the 1940's and '50s.
In 1937, Max Eckardt established "Shiny-Brite" ornaments, working with the Corning Glass Company to mass produce glass Christmas ornaments. Eckardt had been importing hand-blown glass balls from Germany since around 1907, but had the foresight to anticipate a disruption in his supply from the upcoming war. Corning adapted their process for making light bulbs to making clear glass ornaments, which were then shipped to Eckardt's factories to be decorated by hand. The fact that Shiny-Brite ornaments were an American-made product was stressed as a selling point during World War II. 
I love turquoise and these are tiny little guys that would get lost on a tree.  One day I may have the perfect project to use with them, but until then, I admire them in the box.

These were a recent find and are DELICATE.  It's amazing they are in such good shape because I can only imagine that they are VERY old!

I love the little doo-dad on the bottom of this one...
...and this one.
I love when they have a concave center.
This one has 3 concaves..score!  (Yes, I'm a dork)

I love domed ornaments with something inside.  This one of the little girl is so precious.
And this one of baby Jesus in a manger is so sweet. 
I like when they have the faux snow...
And these with a traveling scene...
And these hand-painted ones.
I added the crystal drop and tinsel to this one.
I love this nativity scene.

This has tinsel inside, though it's hard to see in this picture. 
I also collect old plastic ornaments.  I like that they house a little wintery or Christmas scene.

These were sold as package toppers and were made in Japan.  They have chenille pipe-cleaner accents.   
It looks like there may have been a sword fight...
Old tinsel, love.
Another collection is of old German glass bead garland...So pretty and delicate.
An old blown glass tree topper with the concave
More plastic ornaments...these four fall into the category: "we're so ugly, we're cute". 

Part of what makes Christmas decorating so special are the memories that you create each year with ornaments.  There is something about decorating your tree and unwrapping old ornaments from friends and family members that hold special meaning.  This one is special to me because my Mom found it in 1999 and it was made the year I was born. 
I put it on a spinner so you can see both the front and back.

These ornaments are from West Germany.  I remember them from my childhood and this year my Mom is giving one to each of her grandchildren.  This poodle is going to my daughter.
This lion is going to my nephew and my son gets the tiger.
These are from my Grandma who has passed so they are extra special to me.  She gave me different brass ornaments each year with my name and the date engraved on them.  (Note to self - start this tradition for my kids IMMEDIATELY!)
As MTV Cribs would say "Here's where all the magic happens"...ahem, maybe they weren't talking about a Christmas tree.  Anyway,  I decided to forgo the traditional green tree when my antique glass ornament collection grew because these just show up so pretty on the white tree!
And then the collection continued to grow so I got this smaller white tree. 
And then it grew more so I got this aqua tree.
And finally, the collection grew so much that I bought this Martha Stewart antique gold tree from Grandin Road.  They no longer sell this one, but a similar one called "Gold Tinsel Tree".  If I keep this up, I'm going to need a bigger house!  Well, I hope you enjoyed my collection.  If you have any old ornaments, please do share!
xoxo, Natalie