Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sneak Peaks!

You know how Martha's "Living" and other magazines have not one, but two covers for your viewing pleasure?  Well, that's the approach I took this year.  I was being indecisive about which Christmas card I liked best so thought if Maaa-tha can do it, so can I and decided to send both!  So, those receiving cards from me this year will receive either the green diamonds or the distressed cream background.  Which do you like best?  

It's nearly impossible to get a picture with two kids smiling and looking into the camera at the same time.  For those who can achieve this task successfully, BRAVO!  I've yet to do it.  The process was fun though.  For this particular session, it was my Mom and husband in the background armed with candy, monkeys, pacifiers, making clicking sounds, doing fake sneezes, know the drill.  All the while I was on the ground, snapping and sweating, trying to get the "perfect" shot.  I don't know about perfect, but I thought these three captured it all.
My sweet daughter, Hadley, has one of those close-to-Christmas birthday's so I tried to make her invitation as un-Christmas-y as possible.  I picked up this vintage baby buggy at an antique mall and it made for such a cute photo prop. It also houses dolls and blankies in her bedroom.  I love making digital art.  It's really so much fun!  I use Photoshop Elements, which is the cheaper version of Photoshop, and found most of the elements for these cards on my favorite site,   Did you make your own card this year?  I'd love to see it!
xoxo, Natalie 


  1. Loved, loved, LOVED the cards. The pics were great! We will be out of town for Hadley's party, so we need to get the girls together this month so they can celebrate!

  2. Both of the Christmas cards are gorgeous, Natalie but the Birthday invitation is the cutest one I have ever seen! You are so multi-talented! Have a wonderful holiday season & I hope your baby girl has a great 1st birthday!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Sherry- I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday season as well!